Top Ecig Brands that Offer Smooth, Quality Vaping Experience

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If you are looking to change from smoking tobacco to e-cigs, you need an electronic cigarette brand that best replicates the experience of smoking tobacco for an easier transition. The ideal brand should also offer quality vapor, easy to use devices and accessories, long lasting battery and a variety of e-liquid flavors while also investing in likable style and appearance. Today, the E-cigs options available in the market are almost endless thanks to the rapid technology growth and the ever-increasing new brands that have made it possible to find a perfect option to suit every smoker’s preferences. However, it is important to choose a start package from one of the top Ecig brands as they offer reliable quality. Some of the top Ecig Brands with a proven history include:

The Best Ecig Brands that Offer Quality Vaping Experience


Halo is an American electronic cigarette brand known for manufacturing high-quality electronic cigarettes that offer a realistic cigarette experience at amazing prices perfect for mid-range budgets. Halo E-cigs feature a thermo-flow heating system that guarantees smooth vaping and Halo Flameguard technology that prevents any burnt state for an incredible smoking experience. The starter kit comes with five cartomizers with an option of pre-filled or blank cartridges. The brand also offers the largest selection of battery options. The battery is available in three sizes of 180mAH, 280mAH, and 380mAH and comes in nine different color options as well as with a manual or automatic control, which makes the Halo brand one of the top Ecig brands with better battery experience.


VaporFi is another premium brand that is well-known for its cutting edge and high-performance electronic cigarettes. VaporFI offers high-quality cartridges and e-liquids with greater flexibility to suit the different needs of smokers whether a heavy smoker or a beginner. The brand’s most popular kit is the Express package. VaporFi offers two batteries that include a standard and a high capacity battery with lengths of 2.5 inches and 3.25 inches respectively. The VaporFI e-cigs also come with trendy cases for convenient on the go charging.

Green Smoke

Green Smoke is known for its unquestionable commercial success. The most complete Green Smoke package is the Ultimate Kit that comes with 10 prefilled cartomizers, three rechargeable KR808D batteries, a car charger, two USB chargers, and a useful USB pass-through battery. Green Smoke offers two battery options that include the short and long one with 160mAh and 270mAh rating respectively. The company e-liquids contain a mix of propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin for special vapor production. The company also offers three tobacco tastes with excellent coffee, menthol, chocolate and vanilla options.


V2 is one of the top Ecig brands known for constant innovation and ability to exceed expectations. With the release of V2 EX Series and Vertx Plus cigarettes, the company standout as a leader among the high-end products. One of the unique V2 e-cig products is the V2 Ex Plus that offers unique variable voltage and the useful touch screen features. The Vertx Plus package comes with a high-capacity 420mAh battery that offers three times what you will get from standard batteries. The e-cigs also come with a dynamic power management system that guarantees efficiency.